Our Story

Our Story

A Notary is needed at all major decisions of your life. Whether you are planning to buy house or sell the existing., whether you plan to refinance for renovation or for your other financial needs. One requires Notary at each of these decisions and good Notary can understand their clients needs and protect them from fallen back on these major decisions.
Estate Planning is also one of the important major decision in your life. Estate Planning documents are Wills, Power of Attorney, Advance Directives and Representative Agreements.
Client place trust in Notary for these decisions and we value that trust. We provide thorough research and input best expertise and knowledge while preparing these documents.
For all real estate transactions, estate planning or any other notary needs, we provide proficient, qualified and personalized attention to each client. Each client is provided with custom solution as per their needs and progressed efficiently to meet their deadlines.
Our office is located at King George. It is ground floor location with free ample parking. Our office is family friendly and wheelchair accessible.
Our team

Our team

Tanya Gupta is Notary at Tanya Gupta Notary Corporation. She has Master degree in Applied Legal Studies (MAALS) from SFU, Computer Science degree from India and legal assistant experience in BC Canada. Her best client service skills and passion led her to pursue a career as a Notary Public.
She commissioned as a Notary in 2019 and become the member of The Societies of Notaries Public of BC. She understands the value of her clients’ legal needs and provide excellent solutions and services for them. She is devoted to her continue learning passion and remain updated with current laws relevant to her area of practice.
Working with people in a positive, respectful and straightforward way is what she practice excels at.

By notarizing a document I:

Witness that the party to the document has signed the document in our presence.

Confirm the place and date where they have signed as well as ensuring they understand it and are not signing as a result of any undue influence or coercion.

Confirm their identity to make sure the person actually signing the document is the person referred to in it.

What We Do?

What We Do?

We provide a wide range of notary & legal services in a friendly, professional and welcoming environment. Our prices are very reasonable. Our real estate conveyancing includes both residential and commercial purchases and sales as well as mortgage refinancing.

We process real estate transactions, which include:
Buying property
Selling property
Manufactured home transfers
Preparing real estate contracts
Registering charges such as mortgages

We prepare estate planning and personal planning documents, which include:
Powers of attorney
Advanced directives
Representation agreements

We also provide the following services:
Invitation letters
Certified true copies
Passport applications
Travel letters/authorization for minor child travel

We can notarize and witness documents, which include:
Statutory declarations
Insurance loss declarations